Sprinkler Heads

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Dry Head

A sprinkler secured in an extension nipple that has a seal at the inlet end to prevent water from entering the nipple until the sprinkler operates.


A sprinkler having deflectors that are designed to discharge most of the water away from the nearby wall in a pattern resembling one-quarter of a sphere.


A sprinkler designed to be installed in such a way that the water spray is directed upwards against the deflector arcing downward in an umbrella pattern.


A sprinkler in which all or part of the body, other than the shank thread, is mounted within a recessed housing.


A recessed sprinkler concealed above ceilings by a cover place.

CMSA – Control Mode Specific Application

A type of spray sprinkler that is capable of producing characteristic large water droplets and is listed for its capability to provide fire control of specific high-challange fire hazards.

ESFR – Early Suppression Fast Response

A type of fast-responce sprinkler that is listed for its capability to provide fire suppression to specific high-challange fire hazards.

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